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10-18 July


The first interunis was held in 1979. Hosted by Nottingham University Gliding Club (based in Saltby), it included only Nottingham and Edinburgh. It was then hosted by Cambridge in 1980 (based in Duxford), and from these humble beginnings this annual event’s popularity grew to include many more clubs. It has travelled the country, including more recently; Nympsfield, Saltby and Portmoak.

One of the major ways Interunis distinguishes itself from any other competition is the inclusive nature of the scoring system: All levels of progress are weighted fairly to allow a pre-solo pilot to be just as impactful in collecting points to push their club ahead, as a pilot capable of completing a 500km triangular xc task. This creates a healthy competition and allows everyone to get involved (so please don’t feel put off even if you are a relative newbie)!

As well as flying, interunis also provides a cracking social scene; evenings for most consist of consuming vast quantities of 'glider fuel’ while performing various outlandish activities such as around the world and leg wrestling, or even karaoke (to the horror of those listening). It’s all light-hearted fun, however you wish to participate. We feel this is especially relevant this year after everything that has been endured! 

​The week itself caters for many different types of pilot, ranging from those looking to just have some down time socialising (with some flying thrown into the equation to), those who look at completing serious pilot training progression and to those looking to perform long distanced xc tasks. 


There is something for everyone, and we hope to see many of you there!