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Postcode for satnav is GL6 8HX. Please do not use the postcode in our postal address - that will take you to the wrong side of the airfield with no access to the gliding club.


We're easy to find, on the A419, midway between Stroud and Cirencester in Gloucestershire. From most areas of the country that means approaching from Junction 15 of the M4 south-east of Swindon and then travelling via Cirencester, or from Junction 13 of the M5, via Stroud.  If you are coming from the south the best way is from Junction 18 of the M4.

If you are using sat nav please use the postcode GL6 8HX to get to the entrance gate. This is a different postcode to the one for our postal address.  Please note that there is no access to the airfield from the western side even though navigation apps might incorrectly direct you that way.

The airfield entrance gate is remotely operated. To gain access to the airfield press the call button on the keypad to speak to security. Tell them you are visiting the gliding club and they will let you in.

+44 (0) 7519691471