About the Event
Who is Welcome

If you’re part of a university gliding club, compete as part of your club! If you’re a student without a uni gliding club, you can compete on behalf of your university as an individual. We also welcome any instructors and helpers who are part of a student team. You may bring your own gliders or fly CGC gliders.

How it is Scored

Interunis is three separate gliding competitions; Progression, Soaring and Cross Country competitions, all in one event! Anyone can contribute to any of the three. Pilots of any level of experience, from having never flown before, to fully qualified cross country pilots can compete with equal importance!


Aston Down has a designated camping area where you can pitch a tent or caravan, as well as guest caravan pitches in the club caravan park. This year, for the first time, we are pleased to announce that there will be limited electric hookups in the caravan area, so you never need to go without power! There is also good WiFi coverage.

How the Week Works

The event officially runs from the first Saturday to the following Sunday (July 10th-18th). 


The first Saturday is just for people to arrive and get set up, including some flying, getting used to the club or doing some site checks. The competition formally starts on Sunday (the 11th), and finishes the next Saturday (the 17th). The following day (the 18th), is for announcing results and getting ready to leave, although the airfield will be open the entire time. 


If you are unable to be there for the entire event, you may come and go on the dates that suit you best.

Each day will start with a morning briefing including weather, potential cross country tasks, and organising the day’s flying. Then followed by a good day in the air! In the evening, we will have different social activities every day. It could be a quiz, it could be a treasure hunt, who knows! (We do). At the end of the week the scores are added up and we announce the winners! The competition is a team event, but we will also award high placing individuals.

Social Life

The Interunis competition this year will be hosted by UWE Gliding, held at Cotswold Gliding Club, at Aston Down airfield. The event will be from the 10th to the 18th of July. The only costs for the event will be a £10 Interunis membership fee, and for your flying and food! so no big bills to worry about. Following the latest announcements, the competition will still be going ahead as planned.

On top of the aforementioned social events each evening, the entire event is an opportunity to meet other young glider pilots. You can talk with them, fly with them and help run the airfield with them. There is a lot to get out of the week, without even getting in a glider! (But we promise, there will be a lot of that too).